How to Help Your Kids Find Balance with Screen Time

How to Help Your Kids Find Balance with Screen Time

Screen time can have both positive and negative effects on children. To help you figure out the best strategy for your family, we’ve compiled tips on how to balance technology use for your child’s health and development.

As technology becomes more integrated into daily life, parents are increasingly grappling with how to manage their children’s screen time. According to the BMC Primary Care, “”Excessive screen time may have adverse health consequences because it replaces healthy behaviors and habits like physical activity,” However, the National Library of Medicine in its report notes that ” Screen media can improve children’s academic performance, enrich knowledge and literacy skills and help develop positive relationships with teachers and peers “

Here are some tips for parents to strike a balance between technology use and their child’s health and development:

  • Ages and stages: young children should avoid screen media, while older children should be monitored to ensure appropriate usage.
  • Act, don’t force: Lead by example and model healthy technology habits.
  • Tech-free zones: Encourage tech-free times and areas, such as family dinner time and bedrooms.
  • Encourage outside activities: Encourage physical activity, creativity, and enjoying the outdoors to balance technology use.

Young kids who spend seven hours or more a day on screens are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety than those who use screens for an hour a day, finds a new study published in the Journal Preventive Medicine Reports. It’s important to be mindful of the potential negative effects of too much screen time on children’s mental health, as well as physical health.

Parents must take an active role in monitoring the content and amount of screen time their children are consuming. By implementing these tips and being proactive about managing their children’s technology use, parents can help ensure that their child is developing healthy habits for the future.

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