Our Partners

ZAS Group of Companies

ZAS Group of Companies started in 1976 spearheading with Al Ain Pharmacy (APG) as a leader in pharmacy retail in the UAE for more than 4 decades, creating its own unique niche in the Abu Dhabi emirate continues to uphold its excellence in the pharmaceutical & commercial industry with more than 40 healthcare and retail facilities across the United Arab Emirates , ranges from B2B healthcare solutions, retail health to fitness and F&B serving over 4000 customers

Life World & Medical Supplies

Founded in 2004, it provides premium healthcare products for mobility, respiratory care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopedics and several home healthcare requirements such as bathroom safety, bedroom furniture, accessories, maternity care, child care, physical fitness, wellness and other home healthcare requirements.

Avernus Pharma

Avernus is a regional speciality company established to eliminate the gaps present between global pharma and biotech companies to in-license and commercialize FDA or EMA-approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions in the Middle East.

Al Dawaa Medical Center

Originated in 2014, Al Dawaa Medical Center renders various medical services such as general check-ups, denture and dental Services, dermatology consultations and laser therapy services with a team of over 75 top-notch doctors and technicians.

Al Seef Health & Beauty Polyclinic

As a new-age derma and dental specialized centre present in Al Seef Village Mall in Abu Dhabi the polyclinic aims to serve the highest quality & latest technology in dermatological (facial & laser) and dental treatments.

Direct Care

Direct Care is dedicated to boosting medical tourism in Europe by providing the best hospitals and medical remedial spas to customers from the MENA region.

Footcare Center 

FootCare Center was first established in 2007 and flourished with its branches across famous malls in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi,  offering cosmetic and medical podiatry treatments. Experience quality treatments and medicated shoe range to address all your feet problems.

Feet Aid

Feet Aid is a subsidiary of Foot Care Center in Dubai and Northern Emirates. Its has two branches that offer services from pedicures to ingrown nail removal and customized insoles. Feet Aid follows the principles of Foot Care Center by rendering the best podiatric practices & custom solutions for feet issues.

Wow Burger & Fusion

Began in 2016 to expand the F&B Business to a whole new level. A Success story of excellence and quality in a bite with the philosophy of “cooking to perfection” – the principle that makes it the best in town!

Fresh Bakery

Whether you want mains, sides or desserts, you will get them freshly baked. The cupcakes or sweets add to the special finishing touch of your food experience.

Fit & Muscle Nutrition Center

The leading brand’s nutrition store in Al Ain City resonates with the identity of an Ainawi, signifying a resident of Al Ain with its iconic purple and black identity. The store offers a variety of proteins, multivitamins, food supplements, diet, healthy food and drinks, other sources of lean protein and low-fat dairy products which serve as primary fuels to achieve adequate intakes of consumer’s body needs.

Al Ain Allied Investment L.L.C

Al Ain Allied is a full-service digital marketing and online seller account consulting service company for the e-commerce business. They focus on driving results via effective and measurable solutions.

Al Ain Football Club

Al Ain FC, also known as Al Ain Club, is a professional football club based in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The club was founded in 1968 and is one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the UAE.

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