24/7 Availability

“Unpredictable events demand availability at all times.”

It’s all a matter of time that makes a difference.
We are at your beck by always being available at your service. Our customers value our presence and place their trust in us because we respect boundaries and understand the value of your time. To be highly efficient in the services we deliver, we are quick to respond and available for you 24/7.  The sole purpose of Al Ain Pharmacy is to make your life as comfortable as possible.

Every day and at any time in the below branches :
Main Branch – Central District
Al Muwaiji Branch – Al Muwaiji
Zakher Branch – Zakher
Kanad Hospital Branch – Al Mutaw’ah
Jimi (Khrais) Branch – Al Jimi
Al Hili Branch – Al Hili
Asharej Branch – Asharej

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