Top Tips for Encouraging Kids to Take Their Medicine

Top Tips for Encouraging Kids to Take Their Medicine

Trying to encourage your child to take medicine can be a daunting task. Between bitter liquids and chalky chewable, it’s easy to see why medicine time can quickly become a stressful experience for both kids and adults.

These three tips can help make the process a little less painful :

1. Talk about it.

Even adults can turn their nose up at taking medication. But, we understand why it is important to our health and well-being. Kids may need the same education. Its suggested that you listen to your kids about their fears or dislikes – and then chat openly about how the medicine will help and why it’s important to take it.

2. Give your child a choice.

Allowing your child some agency can help with the process. Whenever possible, let your kid pick liquid or chewable medicine, which flavoring to have added or even whether to take it before or after dinner. Offering these choices, small as they may be, gives your child a sense of control, which can help prevent medicine time from turning into an unnecessary battle between parent and child.

3. Improve the taste.

Masking the taste of a medicine can go a long way in helping with adherence, pharmacies offer different flavor options for liquid medications to make them more palatable. suggested, giving your child their medicine with applesauce or orange juice can help improve the taste too (ask your pharmacist first if the medicine you will give can be mixed with juices).

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